Monday, 4 July 2011

New Rat Run for Grange Park

Despite their election promise to "save our countryside", local Lib Dem councillors are lining up to support plans to cover this informal footpath between Marlborough Gardens and Maunsell Way with a three metre wide strip of tarmac.
The existing path
A nearby three metre wide tarmac paths shows how this little oasis of green tranquillity might look after the Lib Dem "improvements".
A nearby three metre tarmac path
The existing mature hedgerow along the side of side of the path will be cut back and the path will be extended to the pavement in Marlborough Gardens, destroying the existing grass and bushes.

The proposed junction with Marlborough Gdns
The plans as they stand make no provision for signs or barriers to prevent this new tarmac path being used as a rat run by motorcyclists.  It should be possible to improve this footpath without turning it into a small road.


  1. I totally agree, it is meant to be a path and not a motorway. Mopeds already speed through from Navigators Way into Marlborough Gardens with bollards blocking the road. They have also been heard roaring along the footpath late at night.What will happen if a tarmac run way is in place ? Also children tend to play along this stretch and jump out of the bushes at each other.At the moment foxes and deer still use this pathway safely without any danger to themselves.

  2. I am horrified to think this is happening to a green space. What is the Lib Dem reason for this? What will it acheive apart from losing more countryside and costing the taxpayer money? I haven't seen any justifications put forward by the Council - perhaps they haven't got any.

  3. Unfortunately time is running out to save this green space for the children, foxes and deer. Five of the six Lib Dem councillors for Grange Park have already said that they support this monstrosity.

    If enough local residents tell them what they think, they might still change their minds.