Monday, 11 July 2011

Local Lib Dems Misled Voters

Plans for nearly 200 flats in blocks of up to seven stories could still go ahead at Wildern Mill despite personal assurances by  Lib Dem Council Leader Keith House.   Writing in a Lib Dem Standpoint delivered to his own ward voters during the May elections he stated that it was now "impossible" for the massively unpopular development to go ahead.

Yet planning documents published on Eastleigh Borough Council's web site on 5th July show that the professional planners at the council are still counting the 184 flats in their calculations of how the borough can meet its housing needs.  The "Strategic Land Availability Assessment" states that "The developer has started work on the site to maintain the validity of the planning permission. Site owner considering alternative uses."

So the truth is that the owners of the mill site could still decide to build the flats and if they do, the planning consent granted by the central government inspector against the wishes of the local councillors is still valid.  That doesn't fit any reasonable definition of "impossible". 


  1. This is the third time that the Lib Dems have lied in election leaflets this year. There was the Keith Trunchard leaflet, Mick Wheatley flyer and now this one. Lies Lies and more DEM lies.!!

  2. Is this REALLY news or just dragging up an old story?

  3. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."