Sunday, 27 May 2012

More Countryside Lost to Lib Dem Housing Plans

Trees will have to give way to Traffic 
Council Capitulates

Major developers have convinced local Lib Dems that even more green fields to the south of Hedge End should disappear under concrete according to amendments to the Draft Local Plan approved for "consultation" by cabinet last week.

The original draft plan had just 40 houses planned around the proposed "Sundays Hill Bypass" .  But self-confessed "Master Planners" John Thompson and Partners produced their own plan for 250 houses.  These plans were presented to sceptical local residents at St Johns Church in February.

New bypass junction will be on this bend 
It comes as no surprise that the Lib Dems have capitulated before the developers.  They are now proposing to change the Draft Plan to show a new route for the bypass which allows them to  increase the amount of housing to the south of Heath House Lane.  Accommodating the developers' target of 250 houses, the area of the new housing estate is quadrupled from five hectares to 21.

Green Gap Threatened

Fields and Woods Between Hedge End and Bursledon
The proposed area for new development creates a very narrow corridor of green fields between the new houses and Heath House Lane, which will be very difficult to defend against future development.  It also moves the "urban edge" - the official boundary between countryside and town - to include the Piland's Copse designated site of interest for nature conservation (SINC)  in the "town" rather then "countryside".  All this despite the Council having a policy to maintain the green gaps between settlements such as Hedge End and Bursledon.

More Green Fields Go in Botley

In a further amendment to the Local Plan, Lib Dems have belatedly realised that they cannot squeeze 1,400 houses into the Boorley Green golf course.  In order to preserve the total number of houses, they are proposing to take a further five hectares of green fields to the south east of the golf course for development.  That's the equivalent of  another five full size rugby pitches which will disappear under concrete.

It's yet another example of local Lib Dems failing to keep their election promises to say no to more building and traffic in our area.

The new consultation period on the Draft Local Plan starts on 1st June.

Link to Planners' Document for Pylands Lane
Link to Eastleigh Borough Council Report (pages 22-4 for Sundays Hill Bypass and pages 18-19 for Boorley Green)

The 2011 Promise

Lib Dems vote for more building south of Hedge End


  1. What's the betting that the 1400 will become 2500+ eventually, now that more land has been allocated at Boorley Green...

  2. and what's the betting there'll still be thousands on the housing waiting list in Eastleigh?

  3. Ok Keith House thanks for the above but even if you get your way people from other areas of the UK and abroad will move into this area once developed thus rendering it a concrete jungle. How about trying to preserve some of the green byways for a future generation to enjoy or is that just too old fashion? Concrete is the Lib Dem mantra I believe.

    1. I really don't understand the Lib Dems.

      If they've got to make these unpoopular decisions, why try to conceal what's happening and make the party look disreputable...?

  4. What is it that is written on the Boroughs road signs and letter heads. "Tackling Climate Change.." Yes, of course you are.!!

  5. I pity these places. This green image will turn into sorrow after they're finish their housing plans. :(

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