Thursday, 3 May 2012

There's Still Time to Vote

Village Hall Polling Station 
There were no queues outside Hedge End's polling stations in the middle of the afternoon on polling day.  The Lib Dems sitting outside taking voters' numbers all agreed that voting had been "steady" in the early part of the day.  Defending Councillor Jane Welsh was taking the opportunity of a break from leaflet delivering for an hour or two sat down at the Village Hall.

The Conservatives seemed to have given up.  One blue rosette had been spotted earlier in the morning, but by the afternoon they had left the Lib Dems as the only presence outside the polling stations.  Perhaps all the local Tory footsoldiers had been dragged off to neighbouring Botley.  It would be sad for him if Paul Redding were to lose due to lack of support on the day after what appears to have been a more active and professional campaign than the Blues have managed in recent years.

HEYCA Polling Station
If you are reading this before ten o'clock on Thursday, there is still time to get to your polling station and cast your vote. 

There are Labour and UKIP candidates as well as the Lib Dem and Conservative.   Let's at least have a decent turn-out, whoever wins when the last vote is counted in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

You don't need your polling card if you can't find it.  Just turn up with proof of ID.

If you have a postal vote which you have not returned, you can take it along to the polling station and it will be counted.

Catholic Church Polling Station 
The three polling stations in St John's ward are all close together -Village Hall, HEYCA (Old School) and the Catholic Church - so if you are not sure which one to go to you can get round all three in five minutes.  There is a list of the roads covered at each location, so once you are there you can chceck it's the right one.

It's your money that the Council spends, why wouldn't you want a say in who spends it?


  1. Speaking to Tory camp this morning they clearly feel Botley is winnable so perhaps they have decided to concentrate firepower there - an upset to the Mayor in waiting would be sensational.

  2. Turnout doesn't look good in those photo's. "Steady" is presumably a code-word for "disappointing"...

    Cllr Welsh was at HEYCA at 7pm this evening, backed-up by Cllr Ray Worley.

    Paul's campaign has certainly been the better of the two, but Lib Dem's seem to have brainwashed the electorate into thinking negatively about the Conservatives. It has worked well for them in the past, but its not how campaigning should be. Whatever the result tonight, I'd like to see them change their tactics for the next election...

    p.s. Polling stations have now closed.