Friday, 4 May 2012

UKIP: Best Election Ever

UKIP's Michale O'Donoghue
With the BBC reporting:  "The UK Independence Party has its best local election night in history gaining 13% of the vote where they stood, but have so far failed to convert that into significantly more seats" (*), Hedge End's defeated UKIP candidate Michale O'Donoghue has this message for his voters:

“A big thank you to all those 301 electors of Hedge End St John’s who took the opportunity this year to support myself and UKIP at the borough election. Can I also thank the other candidates – and congratulate Jane Welsh in holding the seat for the Liberal Democrats.

I am especially pleased to note that with a best comparison to 2008 – my vote for UKIP has risen from 8% of the turnout (180 votes from 2,239) to 13.6% in 2012 (301 from 2218). As a further comparison – all the Hedge End St John’s results in which I stood for UKIP in 2008, 2011 and 2012 are here:-

Liberal Democrats 1,150 (51.4%)Liberal Democrats 1,276 (44%)Liberal Democrats 1,070 (48.2%)
Conservatives 824 (36.8%)Conservatives 1,099 (38%)Conservatives 673 (30.3%)
UKIP 180 (8%)UKIP 268 (9.3%)UKIP 301 (13.6%)
Labour 85 (3.8%)Labour 236 (8.2%)Labour 174 (7.8%)

The interesting thing here is that while the other parties are up and down – UKIP has been increasing steadily – and I look forward to future elections by helping to move the UKIP philosophy to regain our self determination into even greater support locally.

Once again – many thanks to you all – Michale”

Elsewhere in Eastleigh,  UKIP were third in Bishopstoke West and Hamble-le-Rice and Butlocks Heath, and second in Bishopstoke East and Netley Abbey.

(*) As of 15:38 on Friday 4th May - national results are still being announced


  1. For me, the result of the night was UKIP's Martin Lyon needing only another 298 votes to win the seat of Bishopstoke East. That is a STAGGERING result and the full impact has yet to sink in for all parties concerned.

    1. I must admit I did not follow the election in Bishopstoke very closely (apart from noting that Labour's candidate in Hedge End St Johns was more successful there than she was in Hedge End!)

      What is Martin's secret Pete - is he a prominent character in the local community, or is there really an unusually high concentration of disaffected Tories in Bishopstoke?

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