Monday, 4 April 2011

Have The Conservatives and Labour Deserted Hedge End?

Not a single candidate for Hedge End Town Council from the Conservative or Labour Parties.  One UKIP and two Independents at least mean that three of the seven wards will be contested.   Twelve Lib Dems get onto the Council unopposed.

Not exactly a sign of  a healthy, vibrant local democracy though.


  1. Interesting and I agree it is not healthy.

    Of course my preference, as I have often said, is to have just one tier of local government in Eastleigh, i.e. get rid of the Town Council, give HCC the boot and make Eastleigh a Unitary Authority...

    I think that would generate a bit more interest locally and be a lot healthier...!

  2. Trouble is, Eastleigh is too small to be a viable unitary so we might end up with Eastleigh getting the boot and Hedge End being part of a South Hampshire or M27 corridor unitary.

    Of course, if that's what the majority of people want you can petition Eastleigh to wind up Hedge End TC. The residents of Southsea did away with their own Town Council last year.

    I can't see me agreeing with you on that, but it would make for an interesting debate and campaign.

  3. Having one less tier of local government would certainly be a step in the right direction.

    If we can't find enough people, of whatever persuasion, to contest these elections one has to wonder whether the Town Council is really justified...

    But I suspect any campaign to scrap Hedge End Town Council would, paradoxically, generate more than enough interest locally to overcome the problem we've been talking about this evening...!