Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lib Dem Talent Shortage

Unlike the Conservatives and Labour, the Lib Dems do at least have candidates in every Hedge End Town Council ward.  

It does look, though, as if they are running short of talent and spreading themselves thinly this year.  Many of these candidates are standing for more than one parish / town council.

One candidate is already a Lib Dem member of Botley Parish Council.

Another Lib Dem is standing for both Hedge End Town Council and Bursledon Parish Council.

A total of four Lib Dem candidates have put themselves forward for both Hedge End Town Council and West End Parish Council.

If they are all elected (and some are unopposed), nearly a third of Hedge End Town Council will have divided loyalties.

Some of them are talented, conscientious and hard-working individuals, but some are also borough and county councillors, some are borough cabinet members and some have day jobs too.  I wonder whether they will have the time and energy to do all these jobs to the best of their abilities without burning out.  There are only a limited number of evenings a week to fit all those meetings in.

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