Monday, 18 April 2011

Less than a week to go ...

St George's Day is Saturday.  Celebrate it in Hedge End at the new Berry Theatre with a performance by internationally acclaimed comedian / musicians the New Rope String Band.

New Rope String Band recorded at Rennes

Box Office is 01489 799499 or book tickets online.


  1. Internationally acclaimed...?

    Go on Keith. Do please elaborate...

    Internationally acclaimed could just mean that they had a favourable review once when performing on the Isle of Wight...!

    p.s. I claim copyright on that joke if they use it in their performance...!

    p.p.s Hope it goes well on Saturday and there's a really good audience...!

  2. Shetland Times review: "People in the crowd were bent double laughing, but among the hilarity were some beautiful tunes and the band's genuinely outstanding musical talent is clear."

    Later this year they are performing in Scotland, Wales .... and then West Virginia, USA and Ireland.

    Catch them this weekend before they get too big for Hedge End!

    Thank you for your good wishes. Tickets are still available.