Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Local Area Committee Agenda - 11th April 2011

The agenda for the next LAC has been published.  The full document is available on the Eastleigh Borough Council website.  Items that directly affect Hedge End are as follows:
  1. Recommendations for HEWEB Youth Council grants.
  2. A report on the impact of reduced County Council funding for youth services, including the possible closure of The Box Youth Centre.
  3. A planning application for 30 flats on undeveloped ground between Mescott Meadows and the Nelson Industrial Park.  This land was designated for light industrial use.  The 30 flats are proposed to raise money to fund the restoration of Dowd's Farmhouse (I blogged on this back in March).   Two letters of objection have been received, and Hedge End Town Council has registered an objection.
  4. A proposal to use developers' contributions to part fund an extension to skateboard facilities at Woodhouse Lane.
  5. Review of the year 2010/2011.

Before the meeting at 6:15, local organisations that have been successful in their application for a capital funding grant will be presented with their cheques.

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