Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Conservative Candidate Opposes Housing Plan

Paul Redding 
All the Hedge End candidates in the May 3rd local elections have been invited to say a few words to their voters on the pages of Hedge End Blogger.  The latest to reply is Paul Redding, the Conservative hopeful in the Borough St John's ward election.  Here is the text of Paul's letter to St John's residents:

Dear Resident,

I am proud to be standing as your Conservative Party candidate in the Hedge End St. Johns ward in the forthcoming local elections. I am standing because I believe the area needs a councillor who will listen to the needs and concerns of local residents and work hard to resolve them. As someone who lives in this Ward of Hedge End, I understand the need for our local representatives to be at the heart of our community. My partner Selina and our children all love living in Hedge End and want to see it go from strength to strength in the future.

When talking to local people, one of the issues they raise with me most frequently is the need to preserve the natural environment and local beauty of the immediate area. That is why I am actively campaigning against the plans of Lib Dem controlled Eastleigh Borough Council to force unwanted housing development on the people of Hedge End when residents are firmly opposed to such plans and relevant infrastructure is not in place to support such development.

Another issue I am passionate about is restoring genuine democracy to the way Eastleigh Borough Council is run. With a stronger Conservative group on the council standing up for the concerns of residents, we can make decision makers at the council take greater account of local people’s views. This can only occur if the large majority the Liberal Democrats currently hold on the council is broken.  This is why I need your vote in these local elections.

It has been a pleasure to meet so many of you when knocking on doors in recent months. As I previously mentioned, if elected I am determined to be a strong local voice for the people of Hedge End St. Johns. In the 2010 general election, voters in the ward showed great support for the Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings. I hope I am able to similarly win your support on May 3rd.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Redding

Follow this link to see what Paul had to say at the Shamblehurst by-election in March. 

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  1. However,this is about local people and I hope you will get rid of the Lib Fib candidate

    We need local councillors working for local people, your letter tells me it could be a
    Conservative that wins the seat on Thursday.