Monday, 16 April 2012

Conservative's First

Jerry Hall, Conservative candidate in the St Helen's ward by-election, is the first of all the Hedge End candidates on 3rd May to respond to Hedge End Blogger's invitation to engage with their electors online.

All the Town Council candidates have been asked the same five questions and here are Jerry's replies:

1. What do you think of the way that Hedge End has changed and developed in recent years?

Awful! The Lib Dems have built on every piece of green space we have, they just cannot leave it alone, railings, fences, posts and signs. Green space should be just that, green and spacious.

2. How would you like to see it change and develop in the future?

No more housing development for outsiders. More facilities for older people and a good youth club.

3. What qualities and experience will you bring to the Town Council?

I have been involved in local politics for many years and I am known as an independent minded fighter for local residents. I am never scared to be a voice of one at a Council meeting, if I am fighting for Hedge End people.

4. What would your priorities be for Hedge End and St Helen's ward in particular?

Protection of all open space including the green in front of the Village Hall and the Laburnum tree!
Sometimes less is more, let’s protect and improve what we have and stop the constant filling in of all spaces with “token stuff” to make us look busy.

5. Is there anything else you would like to say to your potential voters?

I never give up. You need me back to restore some balance and shout for you!
Vote for me.


  1. I rather like Jerry's answers actually.

    He's summed things up very nicely in his answer to Q1.

    I've lived here a long time and know its true that Jerry has been involved in local politics for a long time, though I'm not sure how independent-minded any member of the Conservative (or any other) party can be.

    I completely agree that less is more and we need to stop the constant filling in of spaces with "token stuff".

    I suspect Jerry would do a pretty good job on the Town Council, if returned.

  2. Jerry has, of course, been a town (and borough) councillor before. As far as I know he is the only candidate in St Helen's with that experience.

  3. Not only that, but he buys drinks!

  4. Experience counts for a lot. This man knows what is he is getting into and is up for it. A local who has record of speaking out and action - not just a leaflet deliverer. Now - where's that drink?