Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Did Huhne OK Web Snoop Plans?

Working for You or Spying on You? 
Lib Dem activists led by their president Tim Farron have been much exercised in recent days by the leaked coalition policy to extend the government's internet snooping powers introduced by Tony Blair's administration.

Having rolled over on tuition fees, and welfare reform, and NHS privatisation, the Lib Dems (keen, no doubt, not to do even worse in this year's local elections than they did in 2011) have, according to one activist, decided to unite against this policy like they have never united before.

How embarrassing then for Hedge End MP Chris Huhne that his old boss, Prime Minister David Cameron, is claiming that Huhne and Nick Clegg have already approved the proposals at a meeting of the National Security Council.

(Photo credit: David Spender)

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