Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Leading Lib Dem Leaves as Poll Looms

Vice-chair of Hedge End Town Council and Borough member for St Johns ward, Cllr Peter Hughes is no longer carrying the yellow rosette of the Lib Dems. He is now shown as an Independent on both the borough and town council web sites.

Joined by Cllr Caitlin Bloom who splits her time between Grange Park and Leicester, Peter's desertion from the Lib Dems means there are now three Independents on the Town Council in the lead up to the Wildern by election on 13th February. Independence is growing faster than any of the political parties in Hedge End.


  1. Yes, those Cllrs are now shown as Independent in the directory of Cllrs on the HETC website, but why has there been no other announcement about these changes, not on the HETC website nor anywhere else...? [Not that I can find anyway - please post the link if you spot it..!]

    My concerns are;

    1. Most Hedge Enders will look at the list of Councillors only very occasionally, if at all. Without a public announcement, the change will largely go unnoticed. In practice, Hedge Enders will continue to think that these Councillors are Lib Dems [unless they read your blog of course, Keith].

    2, When Cllrs change their affiliation, they normally shout rather loudly about it, very keen to distance themselves from the party they have just left. There is usually a public statement or a Press Release. That doesn't appear to have happened in this instance. Why...?

    I did enquire of these two Cllrs by Email, but am still awaiting a reply. I know there is currently the complexity of the by-election, not to mention my own blogging and multi-hatting for Eastleigh News, but one of these Cllrs supposedly represents me...

  2. Well I hope its not Cllr Bloom who represents you - she doesn't bother to attend any meetings (as I see she lives in Leicester!). I wonder how relations are between her and her mother, vociferous leading Lib Dem Louise Bloom?

  3. I hope they are not going "independent" just as another Lib-Dem vote-gaining tactic (nothing would surprise me as regards Lib Dem pre-election behaviour after what I've seen in this Borough - never saw such behaviour by Lib Dems in other areas of Hants so why is it so prevalent here?). How can someone who lives in Leicester, even if only part of the time, be allowed to be a "local" councillor anyway? Is it true that Louise Bloom is Keith House's partner, or is that just a rumour? More true independents, please, both for local council roles and ready for the next General Election! We need them in this area or we'll all be moving to other areas just to escape these Lib Dem councillors whose behaviour and actions are at best unprofessional and at worst ... well, I won't say!