Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lib Dems "Disdain" for Local People

A furious Hedge End resident has accused the Lib Dems on the HEWEB Local Area Committee of treating local residents with "disdain". Speaking for large numbers of people who had rearranged work, leisure and voluntary commitments to attend Monday's meeting, the local voter called into question the Council's commitment to local democracy.

The "special" committee meeting had been called to decide a controversial planning application for nearly a hundred houses between St Johns Road and Dodwell Lane. But that item was deferred without debate, discussion, public participation or even questions from members. People who made their way to the 2000 Centre to have their say, or just to listen to the debate, had wasted their time.

A couple of senior councillors were clearly annoyed that they were not allowed to speak or ask questions about the decision to defer. And residents in the public gallery voted with their feet and left the meeting.

Eastleigh Lib Dems were criticised in October when people missed the chance to speak on the Local Plan because the meeting started earlier than the published time.


  1. Disdain is a good word to use. Contempt would be another possibility. We've seen it happen many times over the last few years.

    Do you think the decision had anything to do with the fact that the Lib Dems are worried about there being a local by-election a few days later [Hedge End Wildern, Thursday 13th Feb, Polling station is "The Box" in Wildern Lane, open 7am-10pm] so not wanting the negative publicity from that discussion...?

  2. Michale O'Donoghue12 February 2014 at 18:48

    Well - I would say hypocritical. On the one hand the latest lib dem leaflet for the Wildern by election is alleging that UKIP support 4000 more houses being built in the green gaps of Hedge End - and says Don't risk it with UKIP.

    And then Eastleigh council has just won in the High Court a refusal to grant Botley a judicial review for their opposition to building 1,400 or so houses on the green gaps - and quotes Council Leader Keith House saying “ We knew that the Council had a strong position and are delighted with the High Court’s decision to refuse a Judicial Review . We now look forward to progressing the development and provide much needed homes for local people.”

    Add to the above Sundays Hill proposals and you have to ask why the Lib Dems are in print as being against housing development but in council as being totally in favour. Perhaps someone can explain?


    1. The explanation is that the Lib Dems are desperate to retain their position of power Michale.

      There are plenty of examples of this kind of thing, which show that the Lib Dems should no longer be trusted with power. Hedge End and Eastleigh need to kick them out out of office, PDQ.

  3. Yes, I can explain, Michale, in just one word - hypocrisy.

    The Lib Dems excel at it, especially over the 'save our green fields' issue, as highlighted in your final paragraph.

    1. Exactly! EG In the Eastleigh by-election campaigning, the Lib Dems sent a leaflet around Bursledon saying they were protecting Bursledon's green fields from development for the next 20 years. What they omitted to say, in their desperate quest for votes due to UKIP gaining so much support, was that they were protecting two brownfield sites (former airfield and car boot sale site) whilst sacrificing true Bursledon countryside (sites adjacent to Manor Farm Country Park, the River Hamble Blundell Lane conservation area and the only true countryside, with many wild animals and birds, left between the M27 and A27). Meeting postponement is a tactic to stop people turning up at the rearranged meetings! As for disdain, at a Local Area Committee meeting, whilst a member of the public was speaking in favour of development on one of the Lib Dem's "protected" sites (an ideal site for affordable housing), the Lib Dem chair of the Committee was talking to the Eastleigh Borough Council "independent" representative whilst the member of the public was speaking. I have also seen other totally unprofessional behaviour by the majority Lib Dem councillors at Parish Council meetings. Additionally, these councillors should not be permitted to sit on EBC and Parish Councils (especially Parish Councils they don't even live in) like the leader of EBC does - the Lib Dem councillors are so scared of him that they just do what they're told. Democracy and acting for local people - I don't think so!