Saturday, 8 February 2014

Tories Wake Up to UKIP Threat

With five days to go to the Wildern by election, the Tories woke up this week and finally got a leaflet out. This means all five candidates, including Independent Ray Turner, have at least pushed something through our doors. Which is more than can be said of the (Lib Dem controlled) council. Voters will not be receiving polling cards in this penny pinching austerity by election.

Unfortunately (for the Tories) UKIP have followed up with a second leaflet today. 

Voting takes place on Thursday 13th February, between 7am and 10pm, at The Box in Wildern Lane.

Details of all the candidates are in the notice of poll on the Town Council web site.

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  1. There's more to not issuing polling cards than penny-pinching. It will also have an impact on the number of people who turn out to vote.

    This is either because people like to have an official notice from the Council to tell them to vote. Without it they are unsure of the election.

    Or because they think they they need that Polling card when they arrive at the Polling station.

    Or because the Polling card acts as a reminder (taped to the door of the fridge perhaps) and without it they forget the date of the election.

    Or because they would like to vote but don't know where the polling station is and what hours it is open...

    I remember thinking exactly that way myself many years previously. Although I'd received some campaign literature, because I hadn't received a Polling card I didn't turn out. Shameful, but true...!

    p.s. No second leaflet from me for this by-election. We know from last year, during the Eastleigh by-election, that many people get fed-up with the constant stream of leaflets dropping through their letterbox. I've decided that my first leaflet was good enough and I don't want to add anything else.

    One decent leaflet from every candidate is all I ever expect through my letterbox, per campaign. I'm going to stick to my principles on that.

    1. If folks wish to be reminded of when to go and vote, we ask that you simply Like our facebook page by clicking the link above or follow us on Twitter @UKIP_Eastleigh and marking us with a star. We will send you reminders of every forthcoming election in the Borough and remind you on the day. Job Done!


  2. Michale O'Donoghue10 February 2014 at 14:18

    Did do a second leaflet myself - normally would not have done so - but when I learned after posting the first leaflet that polling cards would not be issued - I thought it wise to highlight on a new leafler the day/date of poll - the fact that cards are not needed - and the fact that the polling station is in Wildern Lane. My first leaflet only referred to the date and more was needed. In future - I will make a point of including all this info in case the Limp Dems try this trick again.

    As with Ray's comments - people are used to having a card - and without one, will many turn up to vote? Also - the lovely blue and orange ladies outside the polling stations always politely ask for the card number - now they can't.

    However - good luck to all on Thursday and hopefully we may see a colour change in Wildern!!


    1. The Lib Dems don't miss a trick with elections Michale. They're desperate to retain power and habitually use every tactic they can to give themselves an advantage. Its a classic sign that they're they completely the wrong people to trust with that power.

      Lets hope the electorate see that too and, as you rightly say, that we see a change in Wildern this week.

  3. I think UKIP will win because:

    1) UKIP almost won in May, coming 2nd (3 percentage points behind the LibDems) whereas the Conservatives came 3rd (11 percentage points behind the LibDems),

    2) True conservatives detest the coalition with the LibDems,

    3) The "Conservative Party" increasingly promotes anti-conservative policies,

    4) True conservatives (from all parties) feel UKIP is their natural home,

    5) Whereas in May, most true conservatives did not believe UKIP could win and voted "Conservative", (a) to win and (b) to oust the LibDems, now most true conservatives believe UKIP is their best chance of winning and ousting the LibDems.

    1. The people of Eastleigh are keen to vote UKIP and rid their town of local LibDems who, for far too long have taken their support for granted. Until recently, Eastleigh people had no viable alternative. Now they do. And WE WILL NOT LET THEM DOWN!

    2. I'm not convinced that the Eastleigh by-election is a reliable indicator to how people will vote at local level, though it may be. My feeling is that electors now regard UKIP as credible for the Westminster and EU campaigns, you'll definitely get a lot of votes in May and in 2015, but we'll have to wait and see what happens at the Parish level. Are UKIP as attractive to voters at that level, the first-tier of local Government..? The results promise to be very interesting on Friday.

      Irrespective of all that, thanks for standing and giving people the choice. That's where local politics has really been going wrong in recent years. Elections must be contested..!

  4. I think it's a two horse race between UKIP and the LibDems.

    The voters will decide.

  5. The Tories must be slow if they didn't learn the lesson from the by-election of ignoring UKIP! As for polling cards, sounds like another deliberate tactic to stop people voting! (There are still many people who don't use technology to get their information and the elderly in particular may expect to receive polling cards to enable them to vote, even though the wording says they're not needed).
    In the last EBC elections, we were the only house in the street not to receive our polling cards .... very strange that!!

  6. Congratulations to the winner. The electorate has spoken and cannot be argued with.

    The results are interesting:

    LibDem 254 votes = 45%
    Con 101 " 18%
    UKIP 99 " 18%
    Lab 55 " 10%
    Ind 54 " 10%

    Turnout was 21.3%.

    UKIP has increased on past years to level pegging with the Conservatives. That is a major advance for UKIP.

    Looks like the UKIP bubble is expanding still.

    Interestingly from the Wythenshawe Parliamentary by-election, it looks like the LibDem bubble has burst. The LibDem candidate got only 4.9% of the vote and so lost the deposit.